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Haryana Traditional Costumes

Haryana Traditional Costumes

Haryana is a blend of two Sanskrit words ‘Hari’ which means god and ayana means home i.e. Haryana means the abode of god. It is one of the wealthiest states in India. People of Haryana are very humble, polite, simple and down to earth. They lead simple lives. The population of Haryana called Haryanvi’s are extremely attached to legends, music and their cows. Haryana Traditional Costumes are very famous in eastern India and people of Haryana are interested to follow their traditional land culture.

Men dresses of Haryanvi’s are:

  • A DHOTI: The Haryanvi men wear ‘dhoti’ as a trousers. Dhoti is a long piece of rectangular fabric, which is folded over the abdomen and legs. Mostly people preferred to wear white color dhoti. Different castes in Haryana such as Ahir, Rajput, Brahman, Bania and Jat wear dhotis in a different style and manner.
  • A Shirt or Kurta: Men of Haryana wear a kurta or a shirt with dhoti.
  • A Turban or Pagdi: Pagdi is also called turban. It is a piece of long cloth wrapped around the head. Although now fully stitched pagdis are available in the market which are required to be worn as simple as a hat.
  • A Chaddar or a Blanket: In Haryana especially during the winters  most of the men are found with a blanket draped over one of their shoulder. The blankets are light weighted.

Haryana Women dresses:

Women have greater affinity towards colourful Haryana Traditional Costumes. Haryana women wore three varieties of costumes such as:

  • Ghagra (Daaman): Women of Haryana wear bright colors long, free, flared skirts called ghagra. Ghaghra comes in different patterns and designs. They may also have a border at the bottom end.
  • Odhni or (Chunder): Odhni is a coloured piece of fabric that women wear over their dress. The chunder or odhni have colourful borders with different patterns. Women use one end of the chunder to cover their heads. The opposite end is tucked in their waistline in the front.
  • Angia: Women belonging to ahir community wear distinct style of Lehangas known as Angia. It is a tight fitting blouse that women were to cover their torsos. The blouses come only just halfway on the torso.

Haryanvis were fond of ornaments. Type of  ornaments were small ear rings of gold or silver, necklaces called Kathla by Jats, and mala by Banias, bracelets and gold chains of several strings. All these ornaments were worn on special occasions.

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Haryana Traditional Costumes

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