Top 10 Best Private Hospitals in Ambala City

Top 10 Best Private Hospitals in Ambala City

Nowadays people think that in medical profession only the best specialist doctor can give us a good treatment as we have heard a lot of times that money can’t buy health but a good doctor or a hospital can cure you of all sufferings. We have the list of top 10 Best Private Hospitals in Ambala City which spread happiness in patient’s life by treating them very accurately for many years. Some of them are the multi-specialist hospital.

Today we see that every third person is suffering from a small or serious disease? As per the survey organized by world health organization (WHO), 60% of the disease occurred due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Most People are nowadays more addicted to unhealthy junk food, alcohol, and other bad things. And in the hour of suffering, they rush to find the best hospitals and the good doctor.

So here we have the list of Top 10 Best private Hospitals in Ambala City:

  1. Ishwar Hospital:

Ishwar Hospital provides the best facility and extra care to everyone. The hospital has well equipped modern technology and all types of medical facilities. The hospital provides treatment of all types of Diabetes, Heart problems, gallbladder stones, and mouth or throat cancer. Multiple medical services are provided under one roof with expert doctors having many years of experience, therefore known for the Best Multi-specialist Hospital in Ambala City.

Various other services provided by Ishwar Hospital:

The hospital is an institute of compassion and cares for those in pain therefore known as the Best Private Hospital in Ambala City. Their ambition is to provide world class cost-effective treatment to the patients. To know more about Ishwar Hospital in Ambala visit the link and enjoy a healthy and active life with your loved ones.



Contact no: +91-8607066633, +91-8607066633, +91-8607166633, +91-8607266633

Address:  Spatu Road, Near Miri-Piri Chowk, Ambala City (Haryana)

  1. Healing Touch Hospital:

Healing Touch Hospital symbolizes the state of the art health care facility garnered on world standards. The hospital has a team of industrious and highly experienced professionals assisted by dedicated staff. The staff strives earnestly round the clock not only to abate agony endured by mankind but also channelizes on enhancing human happiness by providing them an affable behavior.

Address:  Sultanpur Chowk, Near. Dhulkot Barrier, Ambala-Chandigarh Highway

Contact No: 0171 2540890,0171 2540891,0171 2540892


  1. Mehndiratta Hospital:

Mehndiratta Hospital is 23 years old or more Institution housed in the heart of Ambala City. It is a dedicated orthopedic hospital providing excellent care to patients of all age groups in all kinds of orthopedic problems.

Address: Manali house, Near Prem Nagar, Ambala City

Contact No: 0171 2553240, 0171 2550240


  1. Leelawati Hospital

The Leelawati is a Multi Specialty Hospital is an extension of the Dr. Mathur Eye and Children Hospital, family’s devotion of their professional and family resources to needs of Quality and Reachable health care to all the people of Ambala City, resulted in the present establishment. The Team at the Hospital comprises 19 Specialists and Super Specialists for providing healthcare.

Address: 9, Inder Nagar, Near Arya Chowk, Police Lines Road, Ambala City

Contact No: 0171 2550456


  1. Bansal Eye Hospital              

The Bansal Eye Hospital is a recognized hospital for patient care, vision research, and physician education. The Facility is oriented towards providing patient-friendly care. And renowned physicians and clinical team possess the clinical and surgical expertise to provide consultations and medical-surgical care for complex ophthalmic problems.

Address: NEW CAMPUS -121, Civil Lines, Mixi Chowk, Near Kalka Chowk, Ambala, Haryana 134003

Contact No098962 19069

  1. Jaspal Hospital:

Jaspal Hospital is dedicated to providing competitive, accessible and affordable world-class healthcare services. With various latest technology, multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambiance and processes. The Hospital is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and progressive healthcare institutions

Address: 69, Model Town, Ambala City

Contact No: 0171 2521169, 0171 2521269


  1. Narain Hospital:

Narain Hospital is a reputed neuro spine and multispecialty Hospital and trauma center. It’s a forefront of healthcare delivery with its excellent infrastructure, experienced doctors and nurses, state-of-the-art equipment, patient care personnel who work round the clock to provide the highest standards of medical care.

Address: 42, Manauli House, Jail Road, Ambala City

Contact No: 0171 2550999

  1. Shri Sai Hospital:

Shri Sai Hospital is a Private hospitals in Ambala city with a special focus on laparoscopic surgery and obstetrics, equipped with modern facilities, specialized equipment and a team of highly skilled and devoted medical professionals trained with latest technological advancements.

Address: 112/77, 10 Cross Road, Near Prakat Shiv Mandir, Ambala Cantt

Contact No: 097293 93193

  1. Monga Hospital And Stone Center:

This hospital in Ambala offers a lot of facilities for patient’s treatment like ambulance, ICU/general beds, Pharmacy, Canteen, etc. Along with the above facilities, the hospital is specialized for General, the specialist doctors practicing under different specializations.

Address: Opp Mahesh Nagar Police Station Road, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133001

Contact No: 0171 265 1688

  1. Vardman Hospital:

This multi Specialty center is a 100 Bedded facility comprising Air Conditioned/ Cooled Rooms with Central Oxygen Supply System and an in house accommodation for the nursing staff for 24 hours efficient Patient Management.

Address: Manali House, Sector 1, Ambala, Haryana 133006

Contact No: 0171 255 2322


Private hospitals in Ambala City are privately owned, so they are cost-effective but provide quality treatment. These hospitals in Ambala are not provided with any free of cost medicine, so treatment in these hospitals is costlier than in public hospital. The patient can be cured earlier in private hospitals in Ambala City because of its cleanliness environment.

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