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Traditional Crafts of Haryana

Traditional Crafts of Haryana

Haryana being an agricultural state, in which women’s also work with men in the fields, hence crafts not evolved into an art form and remain root to their original usage. Art and crafts of Haryana mainly cover the range of pottery, embroidery, and weaving. Colorful phulkari dupatta of Haryana is famous in India and abroad.

Art and Crafts of Haryana also include sculpture and murals both of Persian and Mughal style. Woven furniture, artistic sheet metalwork, wooden bed making zari & Tila Jutti(leather footwear), lacework, bone carving and some of the artistic craft that Haryana is known for.

Haryana Handicrafts and handlooms have already marked its existence in the market. The is famous for many unique Haryana crafts and the most famous is Surajkund crafts fair which is held in February every year, which displays Indian handicrafts from all over India.

Different categories of Haryana handicrafts

  • Pottery:

Pottery is an essentially a village craft, and Haryana is essentially a village state. The potter’s wheel dating back to pre-Aryan times is the most common feature of any village in India.

The material making earthen articles comes cheap, and from the earth itself. While the potter works on the wheel, it always has a helper which helps in mixing clay and others make to intricate designs into the finished vessel or toy.






From utensils to toys to decorative pieces, clay forms the most essential ingredient on which the potter literally survives

  • Embroidery & Weaving:

It’s another craft of Haryana, in which woven work of state is popular all over the country. The Haryana state produces various beautiful shawls, durries, robes etc. the shawls are interesting to work of art called as Phulkari. This is weaved in a magnificent and colorful piece of clothing with intricate embroidery. This shawl is a form of basic winter wear for Haryana women.






  • Phulkari:

Phulkari art is a motif of birds, flowers and human figures are stitched on a colorful cloth using darning needles. The designing on the phulkari is done from the reverse side on the cloth in a vertical and horizontal pattern and Satin & silk are mostly used for extra effect.





  • Bagh:

Bagh is another form of craft, where the geometric pattern of design is followed. This craft is persuaded mostly by Muslim workers and is very colorful in its design. Designs can be anything including elephants, houses, crops, the sun, the moon, kites, gardens, and so on. This art is done on khaddar, i.e., coarse cotton cloth with silk thread.

  • Chope:

Chope is a kind of shawl, which is simple in its look as compared to phulkari and bagh.






  • Durries:

Durries are rugs having spectacular geometric designs. Durries are usually made on blue colored cloth with white triangle designs and Panipat is the hub of making durries in Haryana.







  • Sculpture:

The craft of Sculpture making is concentrated around central and northern parts of the state. Like in other states, Gods formed the basis of sculpture in ancient Haryana.







  • Theatre:

It is locally known as Swang in Haryana, is another integral form of art in the state’s culture. Usually performed in rural areas, Swang is complete with folklore, music and, narration. This is a rural folk drama depicting mythological and modern tales of love, sacrifice, humor etc.






In this state dominated by villages, craftsmanship is largely confined to pottery and various kinds of embroidery and weaving. Theatre, an integral part of the state, is very popular here, with the themes revolving around mythology and religion.

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