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What Can Prevent A Woman From Conceiving?

Being pregnant can be an easy task, along with being a challenging one for different couples. The reasons behind making it challenging for a woman to conceive can be many. There can possibly be hundreds of things that need to be taken care of to make sure nothing hinders getting you to conceive.

There are a few things that need to be ignored while being in or about to be in the phase of pregnancy. Here is a list of things shared by an experienced gynae doctor in Chandigarh that holds high possibilities of preventing you from conceiving. 

Being overweight or underweight

Weight plays a crucial role in deciding whether a woman will conceive or not. A woman carrying excess weight on her body and having less weight, both conditions can work against helping you to conceive.

Smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking will never bring any good to any individual, and the same goes for women with a desire to conceive. Not only during your pregnancy phase but smoking and drinking are even injurious to your life, and now is the best time you can quit it. 

Overdoing the exercise

Overdoing anything will only make you lose hold of it, and the same goes for exercising. Moreover, wanting to be pregnant and overdoing the exercise is the worst combination, and it is best that you do not overexert your training. 

Do not wait too long.

Waiting too long to try being pregnant can possibly work against your desire to conceive, and it is best to try it in your early 30s.

End Thoughts

Being pregnant can be an easy task if one keeps the above few conditions in mind. Still, if you find any problem with this issue, make sure to book your visit to Dr. Ekawali Gupta Gynaecologist in Chandigarh. 

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