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Hip Replacement Prowess in Chandigarh: Your Journey with the Best Surgeons

Living with hip arthritis can be very painful and limit mobility. Hip replacement surgery is often the best solution to restore movement and improve quality of life. With advanced facilities and expert surgeons, Chandigarh offers world-class care for total hip replacement. This blog highlights Best hip Replacement surgeon in ChandigarhDr. TS Gill Chandigarh, and how his skilful expertise guides patients seamlessly through the hip replacement journey.

Understanding Hip Arthritis

The hip joint consists of a ball-and-socket that provides stability and flexible movement to the hip. Hip arthritis involves:

  • Breakdown of cartilage cushioning the hip bones
  • Rubbing of hip bones against each other
  • Bone spur formation
  • Inflammation and stiffness

It causes debilitating symptoms like chronic hip pain, stiffness, limping, difficulty in daily activities. Total hip replacement becomes necessary.

What is Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Total hip replacement is an excellent solution for advanced hip arthritis. It involves surgically replacing the diseased hip joint with an artificial implant. The procedure includes:

  • Removing the damaged femoral head and acetabulum
  • Inserting new hip socket made of metal/ceramic/plastic
  • Inserting a metal femoral stem into thigh bone
  • Fixing the new artificial ball-and-socket hip joint
  • Closing up the surgical incision

The surgery aims to give patients complete pain relief and restore hip function.

About Dr. T.S. Gill Best hip Replacement surgeon in Chandigarh

One of the most respected and sought-after hip surgeons in Chandigarh is Dr. TS Gill Chandigarh. Currently Director and HOD of Orthopedics at Ivy Hospital, Mohali, he has over 25 years of experience with particular expertise in hip and knee replacement surgeries. To date, Dr. Gill has performed over 5000 successful joint replacement procedures including complex hip revisions. His excellent clinical outcomes and compassionate care make him patients’ top choice.

Dr. Gill’s Patient-Centric Hip Replacement Journey

Guiding patients seamlessly through the hip replacement process involves:

  • Thorough evaluation of hip damage through x-rays, scans and tests
  • Educating patients about the surgery benefits, risks and recovery
  • Pre-op planning using advanced 3D imaging and software
  • Minimally invasive anterior hip replacement surgery
  • Precise placement of implants using robotic-assistance
  • Meticulous repair of soft tissues to optimize function
  • Close post-op monitoring and optimal pain management
  • Supervised rehabilitation therapy for gradual mobility restoration
  • Long-term follow-ups to ensure complete recovery

Dr. Gill’s expertise, personalized care and compassion provide patients with an excellent hip replacement experience.

For those suffering from severe hip arthritis, a skilled surgeon like Dr. T.S. Gill can ably guide you through hip replacement surgery and recovery. With his years of experience, patient-centric care, and cutting-edge technology assistance, patients can expect excellent clinical outcomes. Partner with one of Chandigarh’s best hip surgeons for a seamless journey to pain-free movement and mobility.

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