Approach to Minimize Infection Risks in Knee Replacement Surgery

Approach to Minimize Infection Risks in Knee Replacement Surgery

There is always a risk associated with surgery, but knee surgery generally carries a low level of risk. Any procedure you are considering will be discussed with you in detail by your surgeon, but here are some general tips to help reduce the possibility of complications.

Here are some tips to reduce knee infections as described by the best knee replacement surgeon in Chandigarh.

How to prevent an infection before a knee replacement:

Examine your teeth

The bacteria in your mouth can get into your blood and reach your knee. Before surgery, ensure you don’t have cavities or decay.

Chlorhexidine showers

Bacteria can live deep inside our hair shafts. You can get rid of bacteria significantly by showering with antibacterial soap for five days. Make sure you do not have allergies before using the soap. In addition, don’t use it after surgery or longer than five days.

Anti-septic Mouthwash 

You can decrease the bacteria in your mouth by gargling twice a day for a few days before knee replacement surgery.

Tips to reduce during Knee replacement infection prevention:

Using these steps can help reduce the risk of knee replacement infection.

  • Check to see how many knee replacements your surgeon does every week. Having an experienced surgeon makes a big difference. Infected knees are more likely to happen when your skin is open.
  • If you cut your skin within 30 minutes, you will get antibiotics.
  • Using alcohol, betadine, or chlorhexidine and chloroprene, clean the skin.
  • Wrap the limb in an antibiotic-sticky drape. The drape sticks to your skin and prevents bacteria from growing.
  • Close the skin after soaking the knee replacement in a diluted betadine solution.

Infection prevention after knee replacement:

  • Take antibiotics within 24 hours. The longer the antibiotic course, the greater the chance of forming superbugs.
  • The tooth abscess needs prompt attention. In case of pain, do not wait.
  • Whenever you have an infection, seek prompt treatment. Blood can carry infections. See the best knee replacement surgeon in Chandigarh if you have an ingrown toenail.

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