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Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine in Chandigarh

Nowadays migraine headache is one of the most severe types of headaches. There is a large percentage of patients who got fail in pharmaceutical treatments for actuating migraine attacks or preventive measures. Whereas migraine suffers can be benefited from alternative therapies as Ayurveda treats the root cause of imbalance by addressing each patient’s unique constitution and illness. Ayurveda believes in treating the disease as its root cause from within to get cured of Migraine Headaches we have best Ayurveda treatment from Kerala in Chandigarh.

Arya Vaidya Sala Baddi is one of the Best Hospital for Ayurvedic Treatment in Chandigarh its located around 45 Kms away from Chandigarh in lush green surroundings, it’s one of the latest milestones of AVS situated in Baddi. This Hospital was established in the year 2000 to cater to the demand of Ayurveda patients in northern India. It is mainly visited by patients from Arya Vaidya Sala Delhi and surrounding areas for consultation and treatments and now in Baddi. So to get cured of all kinds of stress relief through Ayurvedic treatment at Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal Baddi as it the best hospital for Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine in Chandigarh


Here at AVS, where therapy and treatment are disease-specific as they are prescribed by our Ayurveda doctors. Whereas the hospital has their own built tastefully with lots of amenities to make the guests feel at home and rejuvenate themselves. All Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal, Kerala branches are also involved in research, and publication of medical journals and books, vast herbal plantations, and for also organizing educational programs. And it’s the best Ayurvedic hospital in Chandigarh

What is Migraine?

Migraine is defined as a primary headache disorder. This is not a single independent disease it’s a condition where one feels recurring headaches which ranges from moderate to severe.

Cause of Migraine:

  1. Excessive intake of oily, spicy, or salty food
  2. Exposure to sunlight for a longer period
  3. Suppression of natural urges
  4. Too much stress
  5. Indigestion
  6. Excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking
  7. Physical or mental stress
  8. Sudden stopping intake of caffeine (in the form of tea or coffee)
  9. Fasting
  10. Hormonal changes, especially during periods, or due to excessive usage of birth control pills
  11. Change in sleep patterns

There are certain types of foods which triggers migraine attacks. As these food items sometimes cause a sudden increase in the pitta doshas or kapha dosha, and other such processed foods, dairy products, baked foods, fermented foods, peanuts, onion, or other heavy-to-digest meat.

There are many other therapies which help to provide long-lasting relief. If you have to serve Migraine headaches then you can take the Ayurvedic medicines for the Migraine. For this take the help of your doctor as the medicines should be taken under the prescription of the doctor.

Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal Baddi offers the best Ayurvedic treatment for diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis, and Parkinson’s, Paralysis, Spondylitis, Hypertension and many more. Along with this, there is a large number of healthcare services like Rejuvenation programs and weight loss programs. Also, the Ayurveda center has a herbal garden, a cow farm, yoga and meditation facilities, three temples and an organic farming site. We help in bringing out a vast lifestyle change i.e. we serve ‘satvik’ food to the patients.

AVS Baddi also offers holistic health along with disease management where you can have a mental, environmental and spiritual existence of patients is nurtured through authentic knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda. Therefore it’s known for the Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine in Chandigarh

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine in Chandigarh


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Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal

Vrindavan, village Thana near Gugga Madi Mandir

Epip, Phase 2 Baddi, Himachal Pradesh- 173205




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