Stages of Woman's Life & Diet

Stages of Woman’s Life & Diet

Balanced diets are pretty much the key to maintain health and happiness for any woman. However, certain stages in woman’s life require a little tender loving calorie. Here are The Stages of Woman’s Life & Diet that every woman should know.

Right from the day a daughter makes you smile with the first curve of her lips, she seeks that warmth and care.  At this stage she needs the nourishment as her male counterparts. As she grows, her requirements also increase as she is to be prepared for bearing the burden of bringing new life into this world.

Adolescence is the stage where most of the physical changes take place. It is a stage of psychological and physical development that generally occurs during the period of puberty. It is usually associated with the teenage.

A diet rich in calcium & vitamins is the need of the hour as the skeletal maturity is achieved at this very stag. It include calcium rich foods in the diet like milk and its products, green leafy vegetables, eggs, etc. to increase the bone density, whereas, soft drink consumption should be restricted  as it hampers the absorption of calcium.

Expecting mother requires adequate nutrition, not only for her own self but for the proper acids should always be a part of the diet. All these nutrients are required for the fetal development as well as bone health of the child and stable health of the mother in the pregnancy & post pregnancy stages.

The existence of the newborn depends, for some period, on the breastfeed. A diet rich in protein, fats, calcium, vitamins A, B, C and zinc is the need of the hour along with a lot of fluids.

Menopause and osteoporosis go hand in hand. Neurological dysfunction, anemia, malnutrition, constipation, low immunity, degenerative diseases are quite common problems of this stage.

Diet and lifestyle has a significant influence on this stage. Vitamin D & calcium rich foods for bone health, nuts & seeds for zinc, soya products for hormonal balance, copper & selenium, lots of fruits and vegetables should constitute a menopausal woman’s diet. A stress-free environment and a positive attitude adds life to your years.

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Stages of Woman’s Life & Diet

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