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6 Easy Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally

boost testosterone naturally

If you’re wondering what are the best possible ways to boost testosterone naturally then you must read this blog which contains the report of deficiency of testosterone found in males and how to naturally boost testosterone level.

Testosterone present in the Human body plays an important role in the development of male reproductive tissues and also helps in the growth of muscles and hair.

According to Research 50% of men over 80 years old have testosterone deficiency and overall about 2.1 %  young man suffering from testosterone deficiency and now there’s a slight increase in the numbers of men suffering from testosterone deficiency.

Lack of testosterone not only affects the muscle or body growth in men and women but also creates lots of other health issues which people are not aware of and to boost Testosterone Naturally.

Here are some Natural ways to Boost Low Testosterone Levels in Men:

Try weight lifting and exercise :

To cure testosterone naturally you can start with exercises. You need to do high-intensity exercise, no need to do for a longer time 1 hour is more than enough also note too much exercise will also lower your testosterone level, take rest once or twice in a week.

Not all exercise will help in growing testosterone level in men.some of the few exercises will help you in growing testosterone level are :

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Pull-ups
  • Bench press

No to drugs and toxic:

Don’t drink and eat food from plastic container especially when the plastic container is hot because it contains toxins which are harmful to a humans health. Make sure to Drink filtered water. Say no to alcohol and drugs. If you’re consuming drugs and alcohol then you might never boost your testosterone and result in testosterone deficiency.

Drugs and alcohol will not only lower your testosterone but also creates many other problems in the long run, so try to avoid the use of drugs and alcohol.

Take minerals and vitamin supplements:

Intake of Certain vitamins and minerals can also help in increasing your testosterone level. Such as Zinc and magnesium helps to boost the testosterone level in the male body. Also the intake of green vegetables which are rich in zinc and magnesium and helps in boosting your testosterone naturally.

Take Ayurvedic testosterone booster:

Ashwagandha and ginger is a herb which can increase testosterone by 17 and sperm count by 167% and in addition, it reduces the level of stress hormone by 25 %.

You must start adding ginner and Ashwagandha in your every day to day life and see the results.

Get enough sleep:

Getting high-quality sleep is very important to boost your testosterone level naturally according to the study of 2011 a test done on a man which shown an amazing result. A  man slept no longer than an hour per night for one week has a 15% decrease in testosterone level and another person who slept for less than 1 hour has more decrease in testosterone level.

This concluded that every extra hour edited to your sleep increase your testosterone level by 15% increase. therefore try to sleep 7-10 hours every night.

Balanced died:

It is important to follow the balanced diet to increase natural testosterone level Naturally. Firstly Plan a diet which includes protein, carbs, and Fat. Your body needs these macronutrients to build muscle and to provide you energy to do work throughout the day. Note. overeating can also cause a decrease in your testosterone level.so make sure to follow a balanced diet and to Boost Testosterone Naturally.

Symptoms of Low testosterone  :

How to know that you have a low testosterone level. well, there are a few symptoms that your body give you.

Hair loss:

You might have seen your grandparents and other older age person, most of them have bald hair this is because when you start getting older testosterone level also start decreasing.

But when hair fall start when you’re a young person then the reason for hair fall might be a low level of testosterone. Low testosterone will not only head hair will fall out but also your facial and body hair start falling out.

Low sex desire:

Aging is one of the reasons you  might have a low sex drive, but in some cases, low testosterone is the reason for the low sex desire .testosterone play a major role in the sex drive in men

Lack of energy:

If all the time you feel tired beside you’ve taken enough rest but still you have a hard time to stay energetic. This may be the symptoms of low testosterone level.


If you feel sad, loss of interest and down all the time, you might be suffering from the depression and one of the reasons for this is low testosterone level. There might be many other reasons for depression but low testosterone is one of the reasons for the depression.

Thinner bones:

When bones density start getting thinner or you might feel weakness in your body this is also a symptom of low testosterone level .there are other reasons for the thinning of the bones. you must seek a doctor to under what is the reason for thinning of bones.


When you’ve changeable mood, means sometimes you feel joy, then suddenly you start feeling irritating and then sad and lack of focus, then you’re suffering from moodiness and also one of the reasons of low testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for various changes in the body of Men.

Weight gain.

According to research published in journal clinical endocrinology reports that men overweight males 14-18 has less than 50% testosterone than those who didn’t have access weight.

If you’ve all the above symptoms then you have to seek a doctor to take the blood test as it shows your testosterone level.


Balanced Testosterone level is very important as it can help to improve our physical health, and add Chemforce, the Ayurvedic Testosterone Booster to your Diet and boost testosterone naturally, keep us focused and energetic throughout the day and also let us know do you’ve any of the symptoms listed above.

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