Pathankot.Today – A Local Digital News Platform for Pathankot

Pathankot Today is a digital news platform specifically for the people of Pathankot. Launched in 2020, this local news platform aims to increase awareness among the residents about the misinformation present on social media or mainstream media. The digital news platform is run by a local team of four researchers, writers, and social media experts from an office-based near Hote Unite, Pathankot.

Pathankot Today shares information related to local news, businesses, issues, tourism on its social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. To increase its reach platform is also planning to provide information via video content.

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Founder Message:

The main objective behind Pathankot Today is to be a one-stop platform for everything related to the district. Our focus is to provide authentic and verified information that directly or indirectly affects the people of Pathankot. With social media platforms, we aim to reach out to more people and provide better coverage to local news, issues, and updates.

Mission and Support:

Pathankot Today was launched with a mission to become a one-stop platform to everything related to district Pathankot. Pathankot Today is working hard to become a reliable digital news platform where people read local news and raise local issues.

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