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Traditional Art and Crafts of Punjab

Traditional Art and Crafts of Punjab is highly acclaimed the world over. Punjab is a culturally rich northwestern state of India. The Traditional Arts and Crafts of Punjab include the variety of handworks. The artisans of Punjab are skilled and dexterous. Also, the women of the villages are mainly involved in carrying out the Punjab Arts & Crafts.

Mud Work

The Mud Works is also an ancient practice in Punjab. It is a skill of the artisans of Punjab to transfer dull objects into magnificent works of art. Basically, it is a trend in Punjab to plaster the walls of the house with mud and then create different motifs and designs on them. This kind of work is generally performed by the rural women of Punjab. Earlier the Mud Works were done due to certain superstitions to keep away the evil spirits from the households. The art of painting mud walls is known as Chowk-Poorana in Punjab. Mainly the Mud Works were done during the festivals in the village, like the Navaratra poorna, Karva-Chauth, Hoi or Ahoi, and Diwali.

Weaving and Embroidery

The weaving of durries is very common with the Punjabi women. Durries are actually made by cotton used as floor or bedspreads. There are also different motifs like stripes, squares, checks are prevalent.

The needlework or the Weaving and Embroidery in Punjab is known by various names as they are associated with some of the nice aspects of life and they are skillfully made by the beautiful village girls. But in Punjab, Weaving, and Embroidery form part of the daily lives of the women of the village. On certain auspicious occasions and festivals, these works of Weaving and Embroidery are highly used. And some of the needle works are called Phulkari meaning flower works and Bagh meaning garden. The needlework is mainly done on the scarves, bedspreads, salvars, shirts, and dupattas. Thus a feminine touch in the Weaving and Embroidery of Punjab makes it all the more special.

Wood Works

Traditional Art and Craft of Punjab, the Woods Works are very famous. It has been a very long tradition of the carpenters of Punjab to make different objects out of wood. The wooden works made in Punjab have highly appreciated the world over. The tourists visiting Punjab collect a memento of the handworks of Punjab.

Carpenters of Punjab are creative in Wood Works. They have been traditionally popular through the ages. This is also a much-practiced occupation among the villagers of Punjab. The carpenters generally make comfortable beds with backrests that are fitted with mirrors. The carved legs of these beds were known as the Pawas. The carpenters of Punjab are also apt in making the comfortable low seats called Peeras and Persians. This piece of furniture is made in almost every village of Punjab.


Punjab Art and Craft also includes the fascinating and indigenous work of Basketry. Mainly the womenfolk of the villages of Punjab are engaged in the work of Basketry. Some of the Basketry works of Punjab are known the world over. The weaving of the baskets and similar objects have been a traditional practice among the Punjabis.

The Basketry was made by the village people mainly for household usage. But in recent days, it has become a trend to identify these handicraft articles as showpieces or for decorative purposes in urban homes.

The Basketry works are done by shaving the thin straws of the grass. These straws are used to weave mats, rugs, carpets, curtains and hand fans. These hand fans are known as Peshawari Pakkhe. The fans comparatively of smaller size are known as Kundaldar Pakkhi. These fans are small and delicate and have beautiful curl ends. The fans made by weaving are an object of fascination to the tourists in Punjab by Traditional Art and Crafts of Punjab.

Folk Toys

Beautiful “Folk Toys” that reflect the rich cultural traditions of one of the most vibrant and dynamic states of Punjab. The folk toys of Punjab represent the artistic skills and imaginative creations of the people of Punjab. The “Folk Toy” industry is also an important handicraft industry of Punjab that strengthens the financial condition of the state for Traditional Art and Crafts of Punjab.

The tradition of making toys was carried down the ages and the villagers of Punjab produced a wide variety of toys to satisfy their artistic zeal. The toy industry of the bygone days received a further boasts after the Independence of our country when the Government of the state proposed and implemented several policies to promote the growth of the handicraft industry.


In the trend with the lively and colorful traditional culture of the state, the craftsmen of Punjab are apt in producing attractive and beautiful “Dolls”. The handicraft industry of Punjab is one of the most flourishing and lucrative industries of the state. The beautifully decorated and adorned Dolls of the handicraft industry of Punjab represent the dynamic and vibrant culture of the state for Traditional Art and Crafts of Punjab.

One of the most fascinating industries of the state, the “Dolls” portrays the artistic caliber of the people of Punjab. The craftsmen make dolls of various sizes and kinds. All of the districts of Punjab have flourished in the art of Doll Making. However, the city of Chandigarh has become one of the important centers of “Doll” making. The Dolls of Punjab have an internationally acclaimed status that is purchased by the tourist for their near and dear ones as a token of love and appreciation.


Phulkari is the traditional pattern of weaving in Punjab. It is popular with the women of Punjab from the15 the century. Among the Art and Craft of Punjab, Phulkari is the most popular handiwork in India and abroad. Phulkari is mainly associated with flower embroidery.

Phulkari is associated with the embroidering over the dupattas and shawls. It is intricate needlework. Often the base cloth is covered entirely which is known as Bagh meaning garden of a flower. It mainly depends on the size of the stitching. The needlework gives rise to the different motifs and designs on a piece of cloth. The bright colors that are mostly used for Phulkari are red, orange,blue, green, crimson, etc…


Most comfortable, attractive and the eloquently decorated “Peedhies of Punjab are some of the splendid products of the handicraft industry of Punjab. In the previous days when there was hardly any concept of “Modular Kitchen”, the Punjabi women preferred to sit in the four-legged small stool that was very comfortable and usable as well. The”Peedhies” or the short stools are still in vogue, not only in Punjab but in the other states as well. The small stools that are beautifully designed by the craftsmen of Punjab now serve a variety of purposes and are used on several occasions to suit the convenience of the user.

The “Peedhies” or the other small stools are made up of woods. Also to add to the beauty of the stools, the craftsmen design the stools with colorful threads to give it a majestic look. Splendid small and short stools are very attractive which display the artistic skills and the creative imagination of the people of the state. To give the traditional and a royal touch to the splendid houses the owners use the beautifully adorned stools. The marvelous creation of the traditional handicraft industry of the state has a wide market within and outside India for Traditional Art and Crafts of Punjab.

Traditional Ornaments

Representing the most vibrant and dynamic nature of the state, the people of Punjab flaunt several “Traditional Ornaments” during festivals and other important occasions. From time immemorial, the conventional pieces of jewelry are a symbol of power, wealth and status. In modern industrial society, the value of antique and conventional pieces of jewelry has increased tremendously. Keeping in tune with the affluence of the Punjabi people, the traditional pieces of jewelry have greater demand than the latest ones.

Punjab has always encouraged the use of heavy jewelry during marriages and other occasions. The state has several industries that cater to the demands of the traditional pieces of jewelry. The goldsmiths of the state create several conventional ornaments that display their artistic skills and creative imaginations of Traditional Art and Crafts of Punjab.

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