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Let’s start our list of top 10 best Punjabi books that you’ll find online. These books are the top best Punjabi books which provide the best reading experience. This blog article provides you the overview of all the best Punjabi books so that you can choose the best book for your reading.

Top 10 best Punjabi books


by Shiv Kumar Batalvi

loona best punjabi book

Loona book is written by Shiv Kumar Batalvi. This is an epic book which won Shiv Kumar Batalvi the Sahita Akademi Award.This book story’s start with the story of a young girl called Loona (Luna )  .the king of Sailkot marries this young girl Loona (luna). But story start becomes interesting when that young girl starts falling in love with the son of the king who is of her age .when young luna try to express her feeling to the son of the king then he refused then loons in anger convinced the king to throw him into a well as a punishment for misbehavior. then a sage rescues and treats him . after the treatment he became a wandering ascetic – a Bhagat . After a long time when Bhaget became so famous then Loona comes to visit famous bhagat and admits her mistakes.

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Marhi da Dina -the last flicker

by Gurdial Singh

the best punjabi book marhi da dinna -the last flicker

Marhi da Dina is a Punjabi novel written by Gurdial Singh. This was the first novel to be published by the author in 1964. This Novel became popular and also translated into Russian and more the five lakh copies sold in Soviet Russia.

This novel has been published by the Indian Academy of Science as a modern Indian classical and translated in all Indian languages.

The story of this Punjabi novel revolves around a character related to an indigenous tribe named jagirir.thola was the adopted son of Dharam Singh’s father .dharma Singh father gifted him four biggas of the land as an adopted son. the real story of this Punjabi novel begins from here. After getting land Thola died sudden. Dharam took the responsibility of his son and wife, but real motive of Dharam was something else over he has taken care Thola son and the wife but one-day Thola son realize that Dharam’s just wants his land back which his father given to Thola.

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Erotic stories for Punjabi windows

by Balli Kaur Jaswal

the best punjabi book the Erotic stories for punjabi widows book image

This Punjabi book is all about friendship, lively and writers creativity of writing. while reading this book will keep you entertained with it a hilariously written story.

This Punjabi book story starts with the character Nikki who lives in cosmopolitan west where she tends bar at local pub.Nikki is the daughter of the Indian immigrants. She spent most of her teenage time in a western style and keeps the distance from her traditional culture ( Sikh) .when she was a teenager her father death leaves leaves the family in bad financial condition .to overcome this situation nikke ,a las school dropout, took a creative job  at the community center in the beating heart of London’s close-knit Punjabi community.

Now this book becomes more interesting when she realizes the dark secrets and fantasies of the widow women.

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Saintly sinner (Pavitra Paapi)

by Nanak Singh

the best punjabi book the saintly sinner image

This Punjabi book is one of the best Punjabi books to read.  This book is about guilt, love, and sacrifice. This book tells the story of “Kedar” a young man who takes the job at watch repair shop. he did not know at the time that this would lead to the dismissal of panna las who had the job previously, who was already desperate for not being able to provide his family, let alone fo ra dowry fo his eldest daughter veena, and who disappears after telling kedar that he will kill himself.

Tortured by guilt but unwilling to tell them what he knows, Kedar becomes deeply involved with the family, leading them to believe that Panna Lal had been sent away on a long-term mission by his employer. He falls in love with Veena, and I must not describe the complications that follow – suffice it to say that Kedar’s conflicting emotions become increasingly feverish. Unable to tell the truth, his roles as a guilt-ridden sinner, the saintly obligations he feels towards the family and the torture of his feelings for Veena make his behavior increasingly erratic and drive him close to insanity. Veena’s own emotions are nearly as complex. All this is rather drawn out. In due course, events make Kedar’s situation completely untenable. The end, which circles back to the Prologue, contains an unbelievable twist.

One sympathizes with the dilemma in which Kedar finds himself; but I thought the story is rather frenetic, though the style (or the translation by the author’s grandson Navdeep Suri) is rather flat.[copied]

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Chitta Lahu

By Nanak singh .

This book is a Punjabi novel written by Punjabi novelist Nanak Singh. It was first published in 1932. The novel was translated into Russian by Leo Tolstoy’s grandfather.

This book is about pain, sufferings, sorrow. This punjabi book tells us the story about a girl who has to bear a lot of suffering , only beacuse of society’s rule .

The main character of this book is sundri .this is the one of the best Punjabi novel you’ll ever read in your life.

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Kothe Kharak Singh

by ram sarup Ankhi

This book describes the story of three generations of the people of Punjab.

This novel also considers as a best Punjabi novel .this novel is a Punjabi- language written by ram Sarup Ankhi. The novel is considered as Ankhi’s best literary work and for this work, this novel received Sahitya Akademi award in 1987.this novel covering the story of the village of a Punjab. It is a politician novel present from three generations and narrates the struggle for Indian Independence before the partition of    It also describes the cultural and socio-economic changes the state witnessed during that time.

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Punjabi Century 1857-1947

by prakash tandon in 1969.

the best punjabi book Punjabi century 1857-1947 book image

This Punjabi book is written by prakash tandon in 1969.

This book describes the autobiography of a Punjabi family over three tumultuous generations that spanned years for the mutiny to independence. this book provides the social history of India.

This book contains emotional recollection of the partition and the way it unfolded on to residents of Punjab at that time. This book relates to an emotional story of the Punjabi family with the memories of Punjabi family traditions and the life of residents in those times. It depicts the real culture of Punjab. There was a ‘charm in the old ways, the true intensity of family life. It’s a delight to read that covers the wonderful culture, customs, traditions, people and the memories of Punjab on and before the times of partition.

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Eho Hamara Jeevna

By  Kaur Tiwana

the best punjabi book eho haramra jeevna book

By  Kaur Tiwana and published in 2014 by unistar books

This novel is written by Kaur Tiwana and published in 2014 by unistar books .

This Punjabi novel is based on Indian Punjabi women’s lifestyles in the ’60s ’70s, how they survive, how life changes dramatically when odds happen, this book put light on the reality of society.this book showed how hard women’s life was in the back 60’s and ’70s.

This book highlights the struggle of a women’s in late ‘60’ and ‘70s’.so many points that you’ll find in this novel to connect you with the story. this book is all about pain, struggle of the women and the restriction which has been laid by the society on women.

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By Amrita Pritam

 Pinjar tells the story of a young woman of Hindu background.Everything was great and wealthy  for her, she finds herself a young man from a promising family to her own background. Everything seems fine in her life but one day she was kidnapped by a man called Rashid,  a man of Muslim descent.

Her family has left her to die, her name has been changed, her religion has been converted, she has been married to Rashid who abducted her. In short, she has been reduced to only a skeleton with no soul inside her. Still, she strives for the happiness of others.No other women facing similar pain and sorrow could have fought against it with so much confidence.

This novel not only depicts the “Partition of India” but also describes the struggle of a woman and her helplessness very powerfully. As such, the novel is constructed at two levels. One at inner conscious level of Puro where she always fights with her thoughts, between her hatred and gradually developed affection towards Rashid (initially kidnaper, her husband and father of her children), her helplessness and pity on her fate. At other level this novel highlights the situation and status of Indian women living in rural areas.

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Mera Pakistani Safarnama

by balraj Sahni

This novel is written by the balraj Sahni and published by Arsee Publisher .

This book is about the trip by Balraj Sahni to Pakistan in 1962, It is a personal diary of the events he always kept with himself, although it is very evident from the name of the book.

He talks about his appreciation of Ahmad Nagar in Maharashtra, that how it is well managed as compared to Punjab.

He talks about George borrow ‘s writings about gypsies and their links to northern Indians  How laughter of a person can give insights into a man’s mind and thinking

he’s going to his ancestral house in Bhera and able to remember each and every street. The scene where he finally finds his home and off compares Hindustan and Pakistan, democracy and theocracy and gives his opinions in a non-intruding way.

The highlight of the book though has to be last 30 pages, which have nothing to do with his journey to Pakistan, but where he appears as a philosopher, where he yearns to find who is the victim and who is the oppressor. Jews or Arabs or Punjab or Vietnam or America Or India. He gives his views with full emotions.

You must read this book, this Punjabi book has a lot more to say.

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