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Ram Rahim Secret Gufa 

Ram Rahim secret Gufa is a underground living quarter of Dera’s chief – Gurmeet Ram Rahim which is located in Sirsa. The Gufa of Ram Rahim is locked with high-tech gadgets and security system. Shockingly, the gufa has been only female disciples that were deployed to guard.

This Ram Rahim Secret Gufa  Gufa is located in the middle of 100 Acre of Ashram in Sirsa made up of cemented walls and glass. There are two-three doors to enter in Baba ki Gufa and the vehicle of Gurmeet Ram Rahim directly goes in that Gufa or underground quarter. In the way to that Gufa there are commandos with guns in white uniform. The Gufa have mysterious sofa set and shiny curttons. 209 female disciples are chosen and only few have authorization to enter in the luxury Gufa.

The doors will open after full biometric report of the disciples. The selected disciples wear only white color dress and loose hair. Apart from that these female disciples are given a special place during Satsang. The Gufa have a separate room for meetings, resting, and a different room for personal wardrobe. The washroom of this Gufa is very luxury. To chat with people directly in all over there is also a hotline present in Ram Rahim secret Gufa.

Dress and various costumes of Gurmeet Ram Rahim are designed in Chandigarh and the material used in that dress is Chiffon. The Gufa also have a NRI Guest Room fulfilled with luxurious facilities, revolving restaurant and also swimming pool. Apart form that the Ashram has its own petrol pumps.

This Gufa has also entertainment rooms in there. But the black truth this luxury Gufa is responsible for the rape of many disciples. According to one survivor, she initially did not understand when female disciples used to ask her whether she had been ‘granted maafi by pitaji’. Here maafi is code word for rape and pitaji is Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

“This maafi became clear when I was called inside the gufa on August 28/29, 1999, and raped by Gurmeet,” a rape survivor from Yamunanagar in Haryana, who deposed before special CBI judge AK Verma on February 28, 2009, revealed.

This all Baba ki Gufa and Maafi kaand is written in the CBI charge sheet. This blog is not belong to any specific religion and this blog is not for hurting your feelings but that’s true.


 Ram Rahim Secret Gufa 

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