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Types Of Ayurvedic Massages and Their Health Benefits

Types Of Ayurvedic Massages and Their Health Benefits

Ayurveda is one of the oldest traditional systems of medicine in the world and Ayurvedic massage is one of the parts of it.  It is done by using warm medicated oils or ghee as per the Ayurveda guidelines. Massage works on both the body and mind, transmitting a life-giving energy that assists all systems of the body to rejuvenate themselves. Ayurvedic massage increases blood circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage. Therapists concentrate on the Marmas (energy points), that respond to gentle physical manipulation.

The various types of Ayurvedic massages with their health benefits are as follows-


The practice of body massage with medicated warm oils is called Abhyanga. Abhyanga balances the vitiated doshas and enhances longevity with a deep feeling of stability and warmth. Pressure is applied in different ways to the Marma which stimulates different energy centres in the body.
·         Helps to strengthen muscles, joints, and bones.
·         Calms the mind
·         Nourishes the entire body
·         Increases blood circulation
·         Helps in elimination of impurities and toxins from the body
·         Helps in sleep better
·         Increases strengths
·         Good for skin and hair


Pizhichil therapy is a combination of Snehana (Oleation therapy) and Swedana (Hot fomentation) in classical Ayurveda treatment. Massaging the body with medicated oil and pouring down warm oil on the whole-body basically generates heat which causes perspiration to balance the vitiated Vata Dosha in painful conditions. Medicated oil is to be used depending on the patient’s health state and Dosha.
·         Helps to distress the nerves and provides a soothing effect to the body.
·          It helps in strengthening muscles and joints.
·         It helps to improve neuromuscular disorders, especially paralysis.
·         It is suitable for people who are suffering from painful conditions like arthritis.


Reinforced rubbing of the body by Ayurvedic herbal powder is called Udavartana. It is done in an upward direction to cause dissolution or mutilation of the unwanted elements of the body, mainly fat and excess Kapha.  This helps to remove blockage and also helps to mobilize the excess fat out of the body to establish normalcy and health.
·         Helps to stimulate the muscles causing them to contract.
·         It increases blood circulation
·         Helps to maintain healthy metabolism.
·         Helps to raise temperature locally.
·         Helps in elimination of waste products.
·         It stimulates the cutaneous nerve endings and deeply exfoliates the skin
·          It helps in weight loss and removal of excess Kapha from the body.


In this procedure raw silk gloves or jute (hemp) gloves are used for stimulating the body. This massage does not involve medicated oil or herbal powders. Special care taken while doing Garshana on face.
• It stimulates the lymphatic system and releases the toxins.
• It helps in fat loss
• It exfoliates the skin and reveals the new healthy and younger skin cells.


A constant flowing stream or ‘Dhara’ of herbal or medicated oil is poured on the scalp is called Shirodhara.  This kind of head massage is for stimulating the nerves.
• It relieves mental fatigue.
• It enhances clarity and focus.
• Relieves chronic headaches.

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