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Dr. Parag Vora (McMaster, Canada) Plans to Continue Philanthropy Work

Dr. Parag Vora from McMaster University, Canada is known name in medical circles of Hamilton (CA) but very few people know about the work he has been doing in philanthropy. This interview of Dr. Parag Vora from Burlington introduced us to the radiologist at McMaster in Hamilton, Canada who is also passionate about Burlington travel and modern medicine.

We continued our research and came across another piece of news about Dr Parag Vora from Canada who has been doing laudable work. So, we thought we should give our share of spotlight with this good samaritan by doing an exclusive interview.

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Below are excerpts from the interview with Dr Parag Vora who lives in Burlington and works at the leading university of Hamilton, Canada:

Interviewer: “How are you today, Doctor? I hope I’m not taking time from your busy schedule”

Dr.Parag Vora: “Not at all. Not at all. Thank you for your kind invitation! I was astonished when I got your mail. It’s my pleasure to have an interview with your magazine”

Interviewer: “First thing first, our readers want to know about your life in Burlington, Canada. Would you like sharing some thoughts on that?”

Dr. Parag Vora: “Life is beautiful for me in Burlington. I am happy to have such a wonderful family – 2 beautiful daughters, a beautiful home, loving wife, and stable career. Burlington is a lovely place with a strong community. Canada is very diverse.  Whenever I get free from work, I like spending time with my family. My wife and I started working with couple of charities few years ago and we continue working with them.”

Interviewer: “Great, so let’s talk about your visit to K.D Vora Home for Blind Women and the work you did with them. Why did you select this particular organization?”

Dr.Parag Vora: “A friend of mine introduced me to K.D Vora Home for Blind Women a couple of years ago. The young women there were so passionate about life and their work that it melted my heart. I spent a whole day with them. We spoke about the challenges they face and what projects are they working on. We had lunch together and had a wonderful time. It was a experience that will always stay close to my heart. Sadly, I don’t get much time from my work to associate the way I want with NGOs like K.D Vora Home for Blind Women.

Interviewer: “Do you have plans to work with NGOs working in Burlington or Hamilton as well. As far as I know, K.D Vora Home for Blind Women is based in Mumbai India”

Dr.Parag Vora: “Yes, it is based in India and yes, we are surely looking for NGOs and community groups activity in Burlington and Hamilton region. Canada has a very strong support infrastructure and there are a lot of people working at ground level. So, I thought we should take the first step where it is needed the most. Now, our goal is certainly to get involved with local charities and help centers. We are currently doing our prelim research. CFTC and War Child have done some amazing work in the field of child welfare.

Interviewer: “Great. I hear the you have working on some hobbies too.”

Dr.Parag Vora: “Yes, I have been trying to decode the internet! Recently took Dr Parag Vora on Strikingly. I would also like to travel this world, meet new people, taste new food and do lot more things. For a common man like me, doing such things everyday is difficult. You have to go to work, give time to your family, friends and your loved ones. Sometimes, I find difficult to spare time for my lovely daughters or going on a vacation with my family. Life of a radiologist is quite the busy type but I guess learning new skills and hobbies is crucial too.”

Interviewer: “I see you really love your family. What difficulties do you face while working as a radiologist at McMaster Hamilton, Canada?”

Dr. Parag: “I’m a a senior radiologist and the hospital staff have high expectations from me. Right now, we are focusing on research a lot. Radiologists are forced to interpret studies in a given time frame which puts a lot of pressure. But I try to do my best for the patients and doctors who consult me”

Interviewer: “ Well that’s really a challenging thing to do. What skill would you like to master Dr. Vora?”

Dr. Parag Vora: “Presently, I am learning to use the internet. The internet is like a sea, and we can learn a lot from it! I would like to master this skill. I also recently started blogging. I’m terrible at it right now but I guess I will improve”

Dr Parag Vora’s Blog on WordPress

Interviewer: “I am sure you will do great in whatever you do! It was nice talking to you, Parag!”

Dr. Vora: “Thanks for the interview.”

Do you know any other personality in Hamilton, Burlington, or anywhere else in the world who is engaged in charity and NGOs? If yes, we would love to write about them too!

Email us the contact details and we will take care of the rest!



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