Stone Carving

Rajasthan is not only prominent for the courageous deeds and heroic sacrifices of its fighters but Rajasthan is also famous for its wonderful architectural monuments made of stone. Forts, palaces and Temples are wonderful success of the craftsmen that have few competitors. The rulers’ support and keen interest in the growth of architecture led to many improvements in the style.

Rajasthan, rich in diverse types of hard rocks like slates, quartzite, granites, marbles and other metamorphic rocks, has been a heaven for stone-carver’s. Arts and crafts of Rajasthan are commanded by the availability of indigenous raw materials in the region. Marbles and sandstones are available in large quantities in the dry lands of the state. Stone art and masonry are vital art forms that cultivate noise in the state.

The forts and palaces and beautiful havelis of Rajasthan are all great examples of the wonderful mason work of the state. The fine stone-carving or fragile jali work in stone of this area is very typical. Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Thanagazi, Kishori Makrana, and Dungarpur are the main centres. Well decorated domestic wares in stone is wonderfully planned with lot of attention to the art and its style.

An extraordinary characteristic is the statue of the Sun God, which is not found in other parts of Rajasthan. In the heart of the desert from Dholpur near Bharatpur to Barmer, the shape of the stone mason is put to incredible use as he commands everything from pink and red sandstone to marble.

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