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Understanding and Managing Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

As the name implies, abnormal uterine bleeding is a situation when the monthly periods start depicting signs of a heavy flow of blood. In simple words, extremely prolonged periods with a noticeably high blood flow together form a condition called abnormal uterine bleeding.  

Whenever noticing a condition like this, the best thing one can do is rush to an expert. For favorable results, you are suggested to get in contact with the best gynae doctor in Chandigarh

Signs and symptoms 

  1. Periods carried out for a long period
  2. Rhythmic or inconsistent periods
  3. Heavy blood flow
  4. The bleeding period not being specific

Treatment procedure

Abnormal uterine bleeding, despite being a common issue, can be a challenging one to treat if not examined by an expert. There are multiple ways through which abnormal uterine bleeding can be treated, and you can choose the most suitable one by going through the points below.

1. Giving a try to medicines

No matter what issue you are suffering from, there are medicines available for almost every issue. And for this, you need to first give a try to medicines, and that too from an expert like Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, Chandigarh. 

Medicines that hold the ability to treat abnormal uterine bleeding can be birth control pills, progestin, a few non-steroidal drugs, and hormonal replacements. 

2. Surgeries

If you find medicines not giving any results, you can then try surgery. Just as medicines, surgeries are also available in multiple types for the same issue. However, you are to consult your doctor and get yourself the best available treatment of all. 

Final Words

We know that the above information was enough to help you manage abnormal uterine bleeding. Still, if you find things troublesome, consult a good doctor for the same. 

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