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A Better Alternative: Comparing Knee Resurfacing to Total Knee Replacement

Over the past few years, knee replacement surgeries have become a lot more common, and technology has added more to their efficiency. There are different techniques for the knee replacement procedure, each having its own pros and cons. This makes it difficult for the patients to choose the most suitable options of all.

This article is all about blowing away the confusion regarding two knee replacement procedures, that is, knee surfacing and total knee replacement surgery. We have shared some points that can help you with your confusion.

1.Success rate

The success rate of total knee replacement surgery is quite higher as compared to knee-surfacing surgery. The reason behind this is that a patient might have to undergo repeat knee resurfacing surgeries for the desired results which is not the case with total knee replacement surgery. 


Knee surfacing surgery includes minimal cuts and invasions, thus posing less pain on the patient’s body. On the other hand, total knee replacement surgery has a higher amount of cuts and invasions, thus leading to more pain. However, this pain can be reduced or removed for sure if you choose the best knee replacement surgeon in Chandigarh


As told above that the knee surfacing surgery is inclusive of small incisions, the patients only need to give a little time to recover and are good to go with returning to their normal in no time. On the other hand, total knee replacement surgery comes with a greater recovery time.

Final Words

Every surgery has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. All you need to do is compare the possible threats and advantages with your condition. For the best consultation on this topic, you can book an appointment with Dr. TS Gill, Chandigarh.

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