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we strongly advise you to have prostate surgery in Ludhiana

Learn More About Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer 

You may be familiar with prostate cancer—most of the time. Because prostate cancer is often slow-growing and may be treated non-surgically by a urologist in Ludhiana, men seldom choose to have their prostates removed. However, we strongly advise you to have prostate surgery in Ludhiana if the cancer has spread beyond the prostate. Medical professionals also refer to it as a prostatectomy.

Facts Regarding Prostate Surgery

You need to be aware of some sobering prostate surgery facts.

  1. For obvious reasons, having prostate surgery is highly unsettling for many individuals.
  2. Because of where the prostate gland is located during surgery, the patient may be anxious about how the doctor will carry out the procedure.
  3. There may be a lot of misunderstanding and uncertainty regarding the discomfort, side effects, and impacts on the capacity to urinate following the procedure.

However, there is excellent news for you, so don’t panic. Modern technology has made it possible to do less invasive prostate removal surgeries. The term “robotically assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy” is also used to describe this operation (RALP).

What Is RALP?

The expert treats the prostate with RALP the most frequently. It is a robotic da Vinci device that enables doctors to perform one or more minor incisions. The incision is around one and a half inches for your procedure. Doctors employ a high-magnification 3D camera system to accurately carry out the entire surgery.

What Benefits Does RALP Have Over Conventional Surgery?

These are a few of the most often cited advantages of RALP versus conventional prostate surgery. The secret to a successful recovery is adoption. Therefore, check if the hospital has all the newest equipment to deliver better care.

  1. During the procedure, tiny incisions are made.
  2. Compared to conventional operations, it permits less blood loss.
  3. Compared to open incision surgery, it is less painful.
  4. Compared to other types of surgery, there is a lower chance of infection.
  5. Because of a shorter hospital stay, you can go sooner.
  6. Recovery happens more quickly at home.

Your surgeon will be able to see clearly and more clearly the tiny blood veins, muscles, and nerves around the prostate with the use of magnification equipment. Additionally, it lessens any potential adverse effects from the procedure.

It would help if you kept in mind that not all men who need to have their prostates removed are good candidates for robotic surgery. Based on the demands and issues of the patient, each case of prostate cancer requires a particular surgical approach. The surgeon could do a radical perineal prostatectomy or traditional open surgery.

What Are Prostate Cancer’s Main Side Effects?

Did you know that when you have prostate surgery in Ludhiana, the whole prostate gland is removed along with part of the surrounding tissues, including the seminal vesicles? The gland is responsible for producing fluids that include semen. In addition, the doctor takes out a few pelvic lymph nodes.

The following are two adverse consequences of prostate removal that are possible:

  1. Bladder incapacity
  2. Erection problems (ED)

Final Remarks

To schedule a consultation for your prostate cancer surgery, call Aastha Kidney right now.


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