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Laminates boldly venture into every area of our lives

It’s a brave new world that’s emerging. Our lifestyles are evolving. And to keep up with new trends and constantly changing demands, our lifestyle products are undergoing a transformation using the latest available technology to provide the highest standards of living that form the norm in a post Covid era.

New trends and major advancements in the interior and construction industry have changed the way people approach design. And one such game changer is the quality of laminates that have taken the market by storm.

Research laminates and you will come across published material that proves the effectiveness of certain laminates to eliminate the Covid virus. Tall claims, but the future signals the requirement for materials and surfaces that promote cleanliness and hygiene, buzz words in any sphere today. Add to that concern for the environment and carbon footprint. Laminates emerge ahead on all these counts.

High quality laminates have replaced the matted dull finishes of age-old mica, each range offering a style or character to fulfill niche requirements. Scratch proof bright colours, glossy, mirror or metallic finishes, interesting textures, germ and bug eliminators and to top it all the anti fingerprint laminate. It’s functional design at the highest level.  Welcome to the new world of laminates. And that’s not all. 

Here are some facts that make them even more appealing. Laminates have always been easy to clean but the anti fingerprint laminate challenges you to find exactly that – a single fingerprint. No more greasy marks around door handles and you can bid goodbye to stains and marks that linger on your furniture. 

Laminates add color and texture. As spaces get smaller with a preference towards minimalistic design, a splash of vivid color in a glossy or metallic texture can really add character to the   space.

Metallic laminates are often used to create a sleek or clean look, almost industrial, which is very popular in modern minimalistic design. Since most people prefer an open plan living style these days, metallic laminates used in such areas provide an uncluttered look and an easy to clean space.

High gloss laminates have a mirror like quality and add a lot of brightness to any space. They are a fun way to add a modern aspect of design or a premium finish to existing interiors. Some fresh upholstery, new laminates on your counters or furniture. Maybe some paneling and refurbished light features and you can create a whole new eclectic space. 

Another often-overlooked feature of laminates is its ability to keep termites at bay. Fewer dust allergies and rotting wood is a bonus plus using high quality laminates that are moisture proof and resistant to termites in wardrobes also creates a safe hygienic space for your personal items.

Due to innovations in development and the use of sophisticated technology today, laminates can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Exterior laminates are very durable, offer protection against extreme weather conditions and are heat and fire resistant. For outdoor patios they provide easy installation, without concern about the planks getting bent out of shape as the elements of nature unleash their wrath.

Laminates have always been popular for designing bathroom furniture or kitchen counters. However the new range of laminates available today boldly venture into every area of our lives, adding warmth, color and comfort.

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