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Importance of Gynecologists in Women Health | Dr. Ekawali Gupta Chandigarh

Most women today have some sort of gynecological problem, and sometimes they have no idea what they should be doing to be in the best possible form.

A gynecologist’s role enters the picture at this specific moment. Women make up more than 50% of India’s human resources, and because they are such an unstoppable force, they will stop at nothing. Sometimes, this frenetic pace becomes too hard to handle, and women wind up being the victims of gynae issues. 

Let’s look at how a gynecologist can help women have a higher quality of medical life.

What part do gynecologists play in women’s health

1. Birth control

The knowledge of what is appropriate for their sexual course of life is crucial for sexually active females. To be protected against diseases like HIV and hepatitis, among others, is crucial to do.

2. Medical evaluations

You could benefit from monthly, healthy breast checks from the best gynecologist in Chandigarh, which will alert you to potential problems.

3. Sexual health 

A woman can only be completely honest with a gynecologist about her feelings. By visiting the gynecologist, you could avoid potential risks and maintain a regular menstrual cycle.

4. The severity of illnesses

The prevalence of conditions like PCOD or PCOS is another crucial area where a gynecologist can help you. The best gynecologist would advise you on the best course of action to take in order to treat these diseases.

5. Mental wellness

One of the most frequent factors contributing to disrupted mental health is hormonal imbalance. These anxious times are at their peak during various times of the month, including pregnancy.

6. Concerns relating to pregnancy

The best gynecologist in Chandigarh should be consulted throughout the pregnancy as they are the best medical partners for pre and after-pregnancy periods.

7. Immunisation

A yearly visit to the gynecologist is required, and getting injections is strongly advised. To guard against the possibility of developing certain illnesses, including cervical cancer and the vulvar, HPV vaccinations are necessary.

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