Exercise for PCOS

The Best Types Of Exercise For PCOS

The concept of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome refers to a process of unbalanced hormones and sometimes it’s very difficult to improve these hormones or cure them. Some-how, it shows multiple dysfunctions of the menstrual cycle, increasing androgens strain and also causes cysts in the ovary. There are many natural ways to cure PCOS such as swimming for PCOS or another exercise for PCOS, etc.

Multiple types of research and proficient say that around 10 to 12% of women have been suffering from PCOS, and only 3 to 4% of women take medical treatment. Therefore, if you think that you are the only one who is suffering from PCOS, then you are definitely wrong.

Effects of PCOS in your Body

  • Excessive testosterone
  • Insulin resistance
  • Irregular or absent periods
  • Excessive hair on the human body and confront 
  • Less hair on your head 
  • Changes on the skin
  • Decreasing Fertility

Best Types of Exercise for PCOS 

There is no doubt that regular physical activity is important to women for PCOS. Not only inline exercise help to weight management and improve mode, but it also helps infertility, lower disease risk along with numerous other health benefits. Sometimes women with PCOS trying to avoid exercising and trying new activities out of fear. 

Normally, sometimes they feel like their size limits them from doing certain exercises or they feel too out of shape. The terror should not outweigh the benefit of moving our bodies.

Best types of exercise for PCOS are mentioned below – 


Swimming for PCOS is an essential form of aerobic exercise for PCOS and it is very helpful in PCOS. Through swimming, you may quickly balance your heart rate and reduce the stress of your body joints. This exercise will help you to achieve the toning muscles, build endurance and strength the desired weight. It is very cheap and a treasured form of easy workout.

Pump it Up: 

Pumping up involves dumbbells and machines, resistance bands and belts or simple bodyweight exercises. The latter is a good way for women with PCOS to begin and it is one of the PCOS natural cures.

Women with PCOS can build muscle easily if they are trying to burn extra calories. Use this as an advantage by lifting weights twice or three times a week. Lifting weight improves the functions of your hormone, insulin. Weight training boosts your body’s ability to burn energy, also improves the way you look and help those feel-good hormones flow.


Yoga helps in releasing deeply stored stress in the body structure, which can help to boost PCOS symptoms. Asanas (yoga postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) are strong methodologies that are designed for Polycystic ovary syndrome to help in opening up the pelvic area and level up relaxation that calms your mind. It is also helped to level up weight loss. Yoga, being the best exercise for PCOS, contributes as constant in mind and losing weight by burning calories.

Strength Training: 

This is also a great form of workout and essential for a PCOS patient. Because strength training or workout will give you lots of strength and allows to get level up your muscles potential for better endurance and physical fitness. Vast sections like weight lifting, pushups and pullups and squatting appear the highest range of health fitness. For strength training, you don’t go to the gym. A few necessary dumbbells and weight lifting equipment are enough to workout at home.


This is the best exercise for PCOS and a great form of aerobic exercise. Here you can exercise according to your choice. It means outdoor and indoor cycling. This exercise allows you to level up endurance and body stamina drastically. Bone density strength, joint stress-reducing, and body flexibility are another substance of cycling. 

Interval Training

Interval training gives your all efforts with a specific period of time. It includes high-intensity workouts like cardio workouts, outdoor and indoor walking, bodyweight circuit, and spin classes. And these exercises are extremely important for a PCOS patient because they drastically burn the body fat and balance the healthy working of the body.


The matter of fact anything that keeps you active is good for any PCOS patient. Zumba is a kind of dance form or we can say it is cardio and virtual at losing your weight. Everybody knows that Zumba is the best exercise for PCOS. Regularity in Zumba performance prevents the formation of lumps of fat supporting in reducing PCOS symptoms.

Core Strength:

Including core workout in your program is performed as being above your ideal weight may cause lower back pain and poor posture.  It is beneficial for normal fitness and injury prevention and prepares your body for pregnancy. It strengthens your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, and the back muscles. 

Strong core muscles make it quicker for anyone to perform different physical activities. It is one of the best PCOS natural cures that can perform on the house floor or on the carpeted mat. 


Walking is a great exercise for PCOS. It can do anywhere and each and every moment, but it should be done regularly and should be added exercising times. Because walking is known as weight-bearing exercise, it is also helped in preventing the bone disease osteoporosis. For women who Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome sufferings, it is recommended to walk two or three times a day for 30 minutes as it enhances their mood.

Benefits of Exercise for PCOS

  • Encourages normal gene expressions as it allows your genes to work as they are designed.
  • Helps in reducing, equal eliminating the insulin resistance which is quite common in PCOS
  • It helps in removing your basal metabolic rate (BMR). 
  • Creates our happy hormones and to help in normalizes stress levels
  • Helps in quash cravings. Around a 10-minute walk is shown to kill the cravings for chocolate. 
  • Aids fat loss and balance of a healthy weight.

Summing Up

There is definitely no one-size-fits-approach to exercise for anybody — if you have PCOS,  you have to choose what kind of exercise works for you. 

Besides, the best exercise for PCOS, there is a PCOS natural cure supplement which will help to cure the symptoms of PCOS. 

FUROCYST is excellent PCOS natural cure supplements that are a proprietary product produced from single herb fenugreek seed. It is a clinically approved safe supplement for the treatment of PCOS without any side effects. 

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