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Wool Fabric

Wool Fabric, Taash — The Best Fabric From The Himalayas

Wool fabric is a sort of fabric made out of the use of animal hair for keeping body heat. It has always been among the costliest materials with properties that are exclusive.

The luxury of wool remains perceived as an indication of high social standing. The manufacturing logistics and technologies have progressed with instances — nowadays, we’ve got access to some wool cloth kind. 

In different world areas, certain wool fabric traditionally enjoyed the highest fame: in the foot-heels of the Himalayas — taash, cashmere and angora, in Europe, that was goat, sheep, and mohair, in the Middle East, people preferred camel, whilst in the area of Andes — llama, alpaca, guanaco, and vicuna. 

That’s why it’s very important to understand a few vital characteristics of good wool fabric for you to make the ideal choice for your own outfit. 

Taash — A Rare Himalayan Wool Fabric 

Wool Fabric — Taash is often called the complex cloth, is a Handwoven Himalayan material that’s created on a handmade wooden Khaadi or handloom from the regional artisans in their houses in Kinnaur, top regions of the Himalayas.

This Wool Fabric, Taash or locally called “best Patti” was created and made by the artists of Kinnaur Handcrafted together with the excellent efforts and help of the regional artisans of Kinnaur village.

The whole backbone supporting the workings of Himalayan Tweed, Taash relies on being able to reestablish historic craft skills and construct a bridge between the distant rural artisans into an urban client.

Processing of Taash

The Taash goods are Craftmark certified as handmade. Taash goods are environment-friendly as the usage is just natural fibers and natural dyes. The following procedures are involved with the making of Himalayan Tweed — Taash solutions.

SHEARING — Use of Himalayan Sheep Wool

The weavers shear the sheep twice a year. With this handwoven Himalayan fabric, Kinnaur handcrafted weavers use the nicer winter sheared after the hens reunite the following months in greater pastures, rich in minerals and other pastures. The Himalayan Tweed story starts with pure virgin wools, which can be blended together to get the benefits of their unique attributes and attributes.

WASHING — Wool is hand washed

Himalayan Tweed is properly hand washed and then dyed in the wool, which means the wool fabric is fiber dyed prior to being summoned as opposed to dying spun yarn. This normally means the mill can gently combine different colored wool with each other to create a large number of intricate colors and colors.

GRADING & SORTING – Wool is best qualified

Grading and Sorting procedure for wool fabric is done in the weaver’s houses, carefully picking the highest high-quality wool by the shoulders and underbelly of the sheep. The cloth is then sorted into ranges by individuals who have developed a keen sense of touch. The sorting of fiber is performed based on fineness, length, and color.

CARDING — Wool is perfectly combed

The wool fabric is cleaned, dried and then Carding is done by wooden pallets in village houses. It’s then spun by”takli” or spindle, producing woolen yarn to weave into the fabric

After weaving about the handmade wooden”Khaadi” or loom, the Wool fabric is sent for final finishing to the mill to get our best, high quality, soft cloth, Taash or Himalayan Tweed.

Wool Fabric, Taash Products

  • Accessories
  • Fabric
  • Ladies Accessories
  • Ladieswear
  • Men’s Accessories
  • Menswear
  • Workwear


Himalayan Tweed cloth is utilized by several star icons. Together with the excellent progress and promotion of this Himalayan Tweed cloth, the Himalayan Tweed products are available anywhere across India.

This brand new handwoven Himalayan fabric unites with all the demands for summer winter wear with no compromise of insulation. Kinnaurhandcrafted is creating a massive market worldwide with the production of Himalayan Tweed, Taash.

The quality, endurance and pure awareness of Wool fabric are fulfilling a huge requirement of Taash global. For producing your winters brighter together with the purest Sort of Taash, please visit: https://www.kinnaurhandcrafted.com/

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