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Looking for the Best Buffet in Chandigarh then your search is over as Captain Sam’s Pizza is the Best Pizza Buffet in Chandigarh. As India is synonymous with delicious food, isn’t it? Be it, kids or elders, Indians just can’t resist tasty food, and who could resist the cheesy Italian bites of a hot fresh Pizza. Over the past few years, Pizzas have gained popularity here, with more and more people loving to eat out, how can this yummy option be ignored.

As we know that Pizza has taken its origin from a Neapolitan cuisine. It is a baked dish on round bread which has a heap of toppings that include a sauce of tomato, cheese and vegetable toppings (veg and non-veg).

Caption Sam pizza is one of such restaurant that offers the best pizza buffet in Chandigarh, along with unlimited pizzas, extravagant toppings, loads of cheese and an exotic spread of salads. This restaurant provides unlimited Pizza Buffet at rock-bottom prices for all the foodies in town. This is a venture of South Indian restaurant Sankalp. They have many branches in other cities also.

In our store one does not only enjoy the mouthwatering Salads and Delectable Pizzas but also enjoy different Types of Pasta at the palatable “Unlimited Live Pasta Counter” as a part of the Regular Buffet.

The limitless Buffet at Captain Sam’s Pizza includes Deep Pan and Thin-Crust bases along with 21 varieties of Salads, 2 types of Soups, 2 types of Cheese Garlic Breads and Unlimited Pizza Toppings and to top it all with a Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream.

Humble and kind hospitality is the essence of our restaurant. If the food tastes good but service is poor then it will work to make an event successful. So we worked in a team of professional who keeps the idea of humbleness with kindness.

Don’t you want to have a slice of the mouth-watering delicacies the visit Captain Sam’s Pizza as it’s the Best Buffet in Chandigarh

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