best decorative laminate company in India

Stylam: Best Decorative Laminate Company in India

Decorative laminates are in great demand these days. Whenever someone thinks of adding extra style and class to the furniture, laminates always come to the mind. Thus, to meet your requirement, Stylam, the best decorative laminate company in India, manufactures the latest decorative laminates with exceptional designs. 

Decorative laminates not only enhance the external appearance of the furniture but also help in providing durability to them. The laminates are rigid sheets with 1mm thickness and are used as table top laminates, kitchen top laminates and other wooden style laminates. 

Depending on the need of the clients and market, Stylam provides extensive decorative laminates sheets that are categorized as follows: 

  • Furniture laminates 
  • Flooring laminates 
  • Cabinet laminates 
  • Store fixtures laminates 
  • Decorative laminates 

Stylam is a decorative laminate company in India, which offers a comprehensive range of textures, patterns, and colors in laminates. They have endless options so that the clients can choose as per their needs. Based on the surface finishing type, you can consider different laminates that add vibrancy to your furniture and safeguard the wooden furniture from bacterial attack. 

Stylam – Best Decorative Laminate Company in India

Stylam is amongst the top-ranked decorative laminates manufacturers in India. The firm is focusing on designing plywood and decorative laminates that add the style statement to the furniture. Their manufacturing unit provides the exclusive range of laminates that have the following features- 

  • Smooth HD gloss
  • Super retro design 
  • Matte finish 
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial film laminate 
  • Suede 
  • Fire retardant 
  • And many more 

Over the years, Stylam has manufactured decorative laminates and provides all the aesthetic designer laminate sheets for homes, offices, restaurants, and many more. They also maintain the quality standards and use advanced technology, including digital designing, so that you can get the best quality products at reasonable prices. 

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