Best Exercise routines to increase Testosterone Levels

Best Exercise routines to increase Testosterone Levels

Researchers say that lifting heavier weights is the best form of exercise to increase testosterone levels in men’s, as muscle mass increases and it will trigger the body to produce more testosterone.

As Testosterone plays a vital role in building and maintains muscle mass which is why men should work so hard to optimize their body but this vital sex hormone is necessary for so much more than just bulking up. Testosterone is a very critical biological element that all men need in order to stay healthy and vibrant.
While man’s bodies are designed to produce testosterone and maintain it at optimal levels there are many factors that can interfere with the natural testosterone production process. And exposure to toxins, poor diet, stress, and aging are among the most common.

These factors usually direct inhibit the body’s production of testosterone and also various another male hormones, which we are collective, refer to as androgens. And if any left unchecked, this androgenic decline can lead to all sorts of health problems for men. This is why it’s so important to adopt healthy lifestyle and habits that counteract the decline of natural testosterone and other hormones.

So here we have some best Exercise routines to increase Testosterone Levels

• Squats:

squatsSometimes called as the king of exercises, the barbell squat is a compound move, as it utilizes your entire body to project the weight upwards. With the all possible exceptions of the deadlifts, no exercise feels more primal. And performing squats synthesizes more testosterone and growth hormones than a similar session on the leg press, although its participants lifted more weight on the leg press, their exhaustion is 42%higher after the squats.

• The Clean and Press:

Clean and pressThe aim of increasing testosterone level is to recruit as many muscles as possible during your exercises. Isolation moves like bicep curl won’t cut it but you need more complex movements for working lots of muscle groups if you need to up your manpower.
The clean and press lift legs, core, forearm, back arm and shoulders in a single move. However these are the advanced techniques and “beginners are better off suited to the basics” of squats, deadlifts and so on before moving onto the clean.

• Deadlifts:

DeadliftsThe deadlifts are basically the classic multi-jointed exercise that works for the biggest muscle groups in your body, perfect for manufacturing more testosterone. They are many types of deadlifts variations, most designed to target a certain group of muscles specifically but initially its best to go with common-or-garden standard deadlifts to recruit muscles all over the body.

• Military Press:

Military PressThe military press simply works on shoulders and arms, leaving the rest of your body relatively untouched, but to yourself upright and stable in such a critically unbalanced position such that your core, obliques and lower back are working overtime especially if you perform the reps slowly.

• Pull-ups:

Pull-upsThe best thing about pull-ups is that it can be performed easily anywhere with an overhead bar. It helps men to boost testosterone level and it said that men with high T are three times less likely to suffer from depression. So basically pull-ups in your daily exercise routine help you increase your testosterone levels.

Testosterone affects so many things which every male seeks out higher testosterone levels. Unfortunately, there are a lot of men have less than ideal levels & don’t know what they’re missing out on. This testosterone also affects erectile dysfunction and many other problems of hormonal changes but they can be naturally cured through routine exercises Chemforce is also a natural Ayurvedic supplement to increase testosterone levels.

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