Best Child Specialist Hospital In Chandigarh

Best Child Specialist Hospital In Chandigarh

Children are prized. Selecting the best kid professional and children’s hospital is a substantial decision. In the end, you do not need to bet with your child’s wellbeing. The best child specialist hospital in Chandigarh understands the needs of every child and parent. A team of highly skilled kid specialists from the best mother and child care hospital in Chandigarh is connected to provide excellence in child care.

Healing Hospital, the very best hospital in Chandigarh is a one-stop alternate for a number of pediatric services. Here Is What they do:

  • Conduct yearly checks and supply comprehensive information regarding the child’s health and possible disease risks.
  • Provides support for each child, to help them attain the essential milestones of development — both psychological and physical.
  • Features information concerning the dietary needs of kids.
  • Discusses all questions and worries of parents concerning the growth and development of the child.
  • Identification and treatment for external and internal injuries, childhood illnesses and infections.
  • Screening tests to detect potential health problems.
  • In case extra or specialized care is necessary, the pediatrician urges the most suitable experts.

Healing Hospital also includes a world-class Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), dedicated to providing responsive and empathetic solutions to children experiencing critical illnesses. The intensive care unit has advanced equipment and technology and guarantees a safe environment for children. This ensures your child is familiar throughout the treatment process.

Healing Hospital includes a state-of-the-art facility that addresses comprehensive maintenance and management of health care problems in children and teens. The best child specialist hospital in Chandigarh is dedicated to providing safe and high-quality medical care and treatment to our young individuals with empathy. The best child specialist hospital in Chandigarh has the ideal child experts and Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Paediatric Intensive Care doctors and nurses working 24×7 while adhering to evidence-based treatment guidelines approached by multiple areas.

This is maybe the biggest Pediatric section in Chandigarh that offers holistic care for kids and helps them reach their highest potential. Advanced Trauma using a fully integrated Paediatric Trauma Response Team is a part of the Hospital.

Best Child Specialist Hospital In Chandigarh: Healing Hands & Caring Hearts

Best Child Specialist Hospital In Chandigarh

Pediatric Cardiology

Some infants are born with a congenital heart disease that happens whilst at the uterus. Right from birth and along with every phase of their growth, these small beings require utmost care and monitoring. In the best child specialist hospital in Chandigarh, the pediatric cardiologists are a superb team of technical professionals who are committed to their pursuit of excellence. 

Right from the identification of the cardiac deformities in the fetus to the proper treatment post-birth, in addition to the treatment of acquired heart diseases that exist in each expanding stage, the proficient pediatric cardiologists exploit the latest therapy methods to help children have a strong and healthy heart in adulthood.

Paediatric Cardiac Surgery

There are instances when medical treatment of a congenital heart problem is not sufficient. Some heart problems in kids want the intervention of seasoned surgeons to set the heart functions properly. And when a hub is as tiny as walnut, it certainly requires immense experience and precision. This is where the highly skilled and skilled pediatric cardiac surgeons in the best child specialist hospital in Chandigarh step in using their valuable insights and experience.

The pediatric heart surgeons inhabit each challenging situation in the tiniest of hearts. Performing complicated heart surgeries in teens is an exhausting feat. At Healing Hospital, the committed pediatric heart surgeons are outfitted with special skills to mend tiny hearts and reestablish their usual function to help children lead a healthy and hearty lifetime beforehand. They are highly experienced in fixing valve abnormalities, abnormal blood vessels, holes between chambers of the heart, in addition to doing heart disease in children.

Pediatric Surgery

Some children require numerous surgeries right from birth. Given their tiny dimensions, these precious little lives require special care and handling. It takes optimal skilled treatment in the top of hands to set them on the road to healing. At Healing Hospital, the group of pediatric experts understands perfectly how to handle tiny hearts. This is why each specialization of pediatric operation is credited to the utmost priority and specialized care.

Pediatric Critical Care

It’s normal for a kid to fall seriously ill or have an accident or injury which could lead to an emergency situation to arise, endangering the child’s lifestyle. That is when parents want the support of a pediatric medical care pro or intensivist. In the best child specialist hospital in Chandigarh, the Paediatric Critical Care Unit is made out of exceptional pediatric intensivists which are specialized in handling and treating emergency cases in children.

Neonatal Intensive Care

It’s actually heart-tugging to see tiny beings just born to the world, fighting for life. Some are born earlier term and these preemies or early babies, struggle to remain alive. They either have breathing problems or suffer from acute infections like pneumonia. In Healing Hospital, our talented and highly knowledgeable group of neonatologists assists these precious babies in their battle.

Pediatric Orthopaedics

All parents want a perfectly shaped and much healthier infant. However, sometimes, babies are born with congenital conditions that cause abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system, distorting their limbs, hip or back, etc.. These require early treatment at the stage to prevent further problems in childhood. 

The aim of skilled pediatric orthopedics in the best child care hospital in Chandigarh is to provide priority to early identification, evaluation, and appropriate early treatment in neonates to prevent permanent disabilities in the future.

Pediatric Endocrinology

The development of hormones in children determines their progress from youth to adulthood. Hormone deficiencies within this stage may have a severe effect on an increasing teenager causing psychological upheaval in a youngster’s life. Pediatric endocrinologists at Healing Hospital are best in their specialization, acquiring a keen eye to identify these deficiencies in children in the first phases, providing them that benefit to initiate immediate and effective early therapy.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best child specialist hospital in Chandigarh then Healing Hospital has to be your choice since it provides all the facilities with the best remedy at a very affordable price.

Consult Dr. Prabhjeet Kaur, the best pediatrician in Chandigarh.

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