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authentic Indian restaurant in Perth

Reasons to visit Delhi 6 Authentic Indian Restaurant in Perth!

The enthusiasm for Indian food has made the availability of Indian food restaurants worldwide quite easy. These Indian restaurants serve their patrons with the authentic taste and flavours of Indian cuisine by employing numerous Indian spices and herbs. Henceforth, the identical spice and sweetness of Indian cuisine can be discovered at such establishments.

For the greatest experience and taste of Indian food, you can visit Delhi6, an authentic Indian restaurant in Perth. It recognizes the significance of ‘First impression is the final impression’ and gives its first-time customers and regular customers top-quality Indian meals.

Every restaurant has its particular specialities in different meals. Delhi 6 also has its distinctive delicacies, which are in high demand by its clients. Here is a list of popular Indian dishes in which Delhi 6 Indian food restaurants specialize.

Favourite selections of Delhi 6:

Chicken Tawa Masala

This is the hallmark dish of Delhi 6 Indian restaurant and comes in the non-vegetarian category of food. It is a renowned Indian chicken dish that originates from the Indian area of Punjab.


The pieces of chicken are first marinated in the water overnight to wash off the bacteria and make it tender. Then these pieces are roasted and combined with the thick and spicy gravy created by the traditional herbs and spices and are served with the famous butter naan bread.

Goat Taar Korma

Another highlight of the Delhi 6 restaurant is Goat Taar Korma which comes in the non-vegetarian category. It is a chief special cuisine produced with particular ingredients by the specialized chiefs.


This meal is composed of goat gosht cooked with fresh ingredients from Indian cuisine. It is then mixed in a mixture of finely chopped onions, brown cashew nuts, melon seeds, and a tiny bit of saffron. Then it is cooked properly till it changes its colour to dark brown.

End Verdict

All Indian and foreign tourists are more than welcome to visit the authentic Indian culinary restaurant Delhi 6. Also, if you get the chance to visit the restaurant, you are urged to taste the following delicacies of Delhi 6.

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