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3 Vital Signs that you require a Knee Replacement Surgery

The pain in your knee can impact your entire body in a matter of minutes. If you are experiencing knee pain, it is difficult to walk normally. You may experience pain in your knees while taking a walk and running is not feasible for you. If you’ve been suffering from knee pain for many years and the pain is unbearable, your knee requires an urgent medical treatment. The top orthopedic surgeon located in Mumbai Dr. kunal Patel recommends 3 important signs to look out for when you are required to undergo a knee replacement.

What is knee replacement surgery?

Before we get into the critical indications, let’s know the knee replacement procedure as well as who’s  the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai?

The knee is among the most complicated joints in our bodies that support the bulk of the weight we carry. However, due to the weight of our bodies, knees are more susceptible to injury.

The knee is composed of three bones: femur, patella, and Tibia. They are joined through ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The bones are covered by cartilage called articular which allows knees to be bent or straightened with one hand.

In osteoarthritis, articular cartilage becomes damaged by any kind of injuries, and then bones begin to rub against one another.

As time goes by, you start experiencing more pain. You can look into non-surgical and medication options like exercises, massages, etc . If you aren’t seeing any improvement in pain , then you’ll require a knee replacement.

When you are kneeling, the knee joint that is damaged will be replaced with an artificial joint, which can help you reduce pain and you will be able to move easily.

If the injury is serious the doctor will recommend a complete knee replacement. To perform this procedure, you require a top orthopedic surgeon with knowledge and experience in the field of orthopedics.

Dr.Kunal Patel is the most renowned orthopedic surgeon located in Mumbai who is an expert on the subject of orthopaedics and has performed a number of successful operations.

best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai

Three Signs that indicate you should have Knee Replacement Surgery

Unable to enjoy walking:

If you are experiencing discomfort in your knee when you do simple things and you are experiencing issues with flexibility, range of motion and stability, then you’ll need to have an operation to replace your knee. As I’ve previously explained, the cartilage in your articular region has been damaged and your bones begin to rub against one another.

If you aren’t getting relief exercising regularly or taking medication , at some point to prevent major injuries, you’ll need the knee replacement procedure. Do not suffer from knee pain, it will increase the severity.

The issue with straightening or bending your knees:

If you begin to experience problems when straightening or bending your knees in one direction this indicates that your bones are rubbing against one with the result that rubbing is causing sores which is only treated by a knee replacement.

It is recommended to consult a most reputable orthopedic doctor in Mumbai in case pain becomes unbearable. The joint will be in a state where it will stop, this is the most important indicator that indicates that you’ll need knee replacement surgeries.


A form of osteoarthritis is arthritis. If the protective tissue, referred to as cartilage articular gets damaged, bones are rubbed against each other at every moment. It could cause damage to any joint that we have in our body. The most commonly damaged joints are the shoulder, knee, the spine, hips and the hips.

The treatment for osteoarthritis can be done at home with regular exercises, taking medications and eating a balanced diet, however, sometimes the pain does not disappear and you’ll have to see a doctor.


  • Pain
  • Inflexibility loss
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness

Final Thoughts

It is recommended to visit the doctor immediately. You start experiencing pain in your knees since only a doctor will provide you with the right advice and will be able to stay clear of surgery. If you’re still feeling discomfort after taking all medications and exercises, then see Doctor. Kunal Patel – Best orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai.

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