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The anti-fingerprint laminate

Why Laminates Are Just Made For Kitchens – Anti Fingerprint Laminate

While the world still grapples with the effects of the Covid virus, a lot of good also came from the crisis. People were forced to pause and take note of their lives.  

All of a sudden, they were forced to stay at home. Most tackled their pending DIY projects, others took to painting or mastering that musical instrument – a video of a young girl who danced to Indian music with the hoola hoop in sneakers and a skirt went viral, just the kind of motivation people needed.  

And the chef’s and bakers emerged.   

The past few years have seen a change in the importance of kitchens in our homes. But in 2020 culinary skills escalated. With the options of eating out curtailed, creativity at its peak and the relaxation that cooking offers, people were soon busy crafting exciting food. From a desire to recreate family recipes to start up business plans, food became the top grosser. 

And it’s not surprising that as our kitchens became the center of the home. The past few years have seen kitchens transformed from the little room overlooking the verandah to a place of pride. The last year made it even more so. It’s no wonder, kitchens are currently the most renovated areas of a household. And one of the most popular uses of laminates is in the kitchen area. Once the walls are down and light flows in, laminates take over.  

Here are some reasons they’re the best option to consider for your kitchen:- 

  • An ever-widening range of colours and textures surpasses anything that natural wood or stone can offer. Its more durable than stone or wood and cheaper on your pocket and the environment. Laminate companies like Stylam are constantly developing newer and smarter laminates to adapt to your changing lifestyle. They’re fun yet functional.  
  • Brighten things up. Kitchens need light and space. Nothing gives you a feeling of both more than a sharp white or metallic laminate. Light reflected off such surfaces enhances the area making rooms feel larger than they area. 
  • Wipe! wipe! wipe!. Nothing cleans like laminates. Time and again. The anti-fingerprint laminate, ideally lives up to everyone’s standards. It is currently the number one laminate preferred for kitchens by architects and builders and it provides home owners the comfort of feeling secure in their home environment. However, all laminates are durable and easy to maintain.  
  • Heat proof. Even as thing heat up in your kitchen the laminates stay cool. They’re heat resistant and moisture proof which ensure they can handle extreme temperatures.   
  • Since laminates are light and compact, they ideal for cabinets and drawers as they do not weigh them down. Cabinet door hinges do not bend out of shape or lose their grip. 
  • Long lasting. Laminates well installed and maintained can last up to 50 years. However, chances are you’ll be ready for a change way before your laminate is ready to give up on you. 

So, explore all your options and stake your individual sense of design in your own creative space. 

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