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Healthy Reproductive System – Its Importance & Ways to Improve

Being a woman is tough. Families still rely on women to provide care and nurture. Working outside adds to the challenge of juggling family responsibilities and work. However, women often neglect their health as they naturally go about their roles. Personal care is one of the most overlooked aspects of health, with over 75% of women unaware they need their regime. Women who get painful or irritated in their intimate areas see a doctor for healing measures. However, with the help of Dr. Ramandeep, a female gynecologist in Chandigarh, you will get rid of any worries.

Tips to have a healthy reproductive system

Don’t smoke

Tobacco contains numerous toxic components that lead to addiction, cancer, and coronary issues. Smoking can cause damage to the ovaries, uterus, and other reproductive organs in women. You may also place your unborn child at risk for congenital misdeeds if you smoke during pregnancy.

Make sure your underwear is cotton

There is no better fabric for your skin than cotton. As a result, it can mingle air and absorb moisture quickly. Wearing cotton underwear daily is more suitable than wearing silk and satin underwear on special cases.

Maintain a safe sexual practice

Preventing diseases needs safe sex. HIV, for example, is a hopeless disease that may forever alter your life. To avoid disease transmission, you can use a condom before sexual intercourse with your partner.

Get more calcium and magnesium.

PMS headaches, sugar cravings, faintness, and low blood sugar can be relieved with magnesium. You can use calcium for premenstrual fatigue, depression, and other issues. Because magnesium controls or moderates calcium levels in the cells, these two vital minerals must be combined.

You can get calcium and magnesium from seaweed, lentils, sesame seeds, avocados, nuts, dill, leafy greens, and coconut. Magnesium can also be absorbed through your skin pores when you bathe with magnesium bath salts.


You’re better off stopping than curing. You’ll get a healthy reproductive system if you follow the tips provided and practice good hygiene. If you still have issues, contact a female gynecologist in Chandigarh.

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