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8 Things to Know Before Your First Pilates Class

When any individual takes any new fitness class, it can be a little intimidating. It’s because they don’t know what they should do. However, it can be due to exercise names that you have never heard before.

But don’t worry, Pilates is a form of exercise that offers several benefits to the individual’s body without looking into your fitness background. So, if you are attending Pilates classes in Bangalore for the first time, there are few things you must know to get full benefit.

  1. Wear the right clothes for comfort

To get full benefit and make yourself fit, make sure you wear body-hugging clothes. By doing this, your instructor can easily see your body movements which will help you fit.

  1. Pilates must be a part of a well-rounded fitness plan

If your studio is offering regular classes, then don’t plan to attend the class every day. The reason is that your body needs to recover from the fatiguing resistance of Pilates exercise.

  1. Pilates only works on several muscle groups

Pilates is an exercise that only works for the core or abdominal muscles. So, for the best result, try to understand this.

  1. You are not allowed to use some equipment

Many of the Pilates classes only need mats which they usually offer. But other courses use various equipment for doing exercises. 

So, don’t feel ignored as you are a beginner and don’t need any equipment right now.

  1. Guard your injuries

Mild or moderate injuries aren’t severe, but serious ones have to be taken care of. It can be due to overdoing Pilates exercise as a beginner.

  1. Some lingo involved

Every exercise has a set of terminology which you will slowly understand. So, don’t worry, the terminology is the exciting part which you will enjoy.

  1. Muscle will burn during class and next day they will be sore

Maybe you are not doing high-intensity exercises, but for the first-timers, Pilates can make the muscles sore.

  1. Beginners will do the same set of classes every day

For the beginner, some of the established Pilates moves are common, which are for everyone, and after that, only the participant can practice further.

So, if you want to join Pilates classes in Bangalore, choose the best studio-like Pilates for Wellbeing for the best result to guide you throughout your beginner’s journey. 

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