•  Haryana wedding rituals

    Haryana wedding rituals

    Like other states Haryana wedding rituals are very colorful and unique. Haryana is popularly known as ‘The Home of Gods ‘and became a state of India on November 1, 1966. Haryana is submerged in the rich cultural heritage of Vedic Period. It is one of the wealthiest states in India and is one of the most economically developed regions in South Asia.

  • Traditional Punjabi wedding

    Traditional Punjabi wedding

    Traditional Punjabi wedding ceremony is known as “Anandkaraj” which means ‘Blissful Union”. The traditional Punjabi marriage is a very colourful and unique ceremony in which two individuals are joined in a partnership of two equals.

  • Rajasthani Wedding Rituals

    Rajasthani Wedding Rituals

    Rajasthan is known for its royal grandeur and royalties. It attracts tourists from all over the world with its beautiful traditions, culture, people, history, food, and monuments.

  • Gurmeet Ram Rahim Exposed

    Gurmeet Ram Rahim Exposed

    Finally after a long time of 15 years Gurmeet Ram Rahim exposed. In 2002, a letter from an anonymous Sadhvi reached the PM and exposed the inhumane doings of Ram Rahim Singh

  • Ram Rahim Secret Gufa

    Ram Rahim Secret Gufa

    Ram Rahim secret Gufa is a underground living quarter of Dera’s chief – Gurmeet Ram Rahim which is located in Sirsa. The Gufa of Ram Rahim is locked with high-tech gadgets and security system. Shockingly,

  • Famous Haryanvi Dishes

    Famous Haryanvi Dishes

    n this blog, we will tell you some Famous Haryanvi Dishes The only motive of this blog is to promote vast variety of Haryanvi cuisine. Haryana is rich in agriculture and known for its vivid culture. Haryana was carved out of East Punjab on November 1996.

  • Traditional Punjabi Food

    Traditional Punjabi Food

    Traditional Punjabi food is one of the most distinct and popular Indian foods. The impressive thing about Punjabi food is its variety. What makes Punjab different from others is its culinary treasure. Punjab is a state synonymous with food.

  • Delicious Rajasthani food

    Delicious Rajasthani food

    Rajasthan is the land of Maharajas and also famous for their rich culture. But did you know Rajasthan is also famous for its delicious Rajasthani food. Rajasthani cuisine is very fascinating and it is usually spicy and lots of ghee is used in every dish, without that no food is complete.

  • Desi diet after gym

    Desi diet after gym

    After doing heavy workout our body takes a lots of energy that should be replenished properly with healthiest diet not such artificial supplements. The two most vital requirements of our body after workout are fluids and carbohydrates which should be taken within half-an-hour of workout for the body to use the nutrients effectively.

  • Desi High Protein Diet

    Desi High Protein Diet

    Muscles contain a lot of proteins and when these proteins digest then broken down into amino acids. Amino acids make new tissues and cell in a body. Thus protein is essential to our body. We are providing you a list of desi high protein diet.

  • desi diet before gym

    desi diet before gym

    When it comes to workout, bodybuilding or weight loss, most of us worried about diet for better muscle growth. There are lots of questions and confusion arises in our mind about desi diet before gym that keeps us from getting up and hitting the gym. Well nowadays nobody is serious about their diet before gym.

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